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Data startup Alpine says dog food is delicious. Here’s how it uses its own tools

Above: Bruno Aziza, chief marketing officer at Alpine Data Labs, speaks with VentureBeat founder and chief executive Matt Marshall at VentureBeat's DataBeat conference in San Francisco today.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Alpine Data Labs doesn’t just help companies crunch data and learn about operations. The startup’s marketers also use data to boost Alpine’s own prominence.

Changing a logo or a homepage based on a hunch — that’s not Alpine’s approach, believe it or not.

“All of that has to be kind of built on data,” Bruno Aziza, the chief marketing officer at Alpine Data Labs, told Matt Marshall, VentureBeat’s founder and chief executive, at VentureBeat’s DataBeat conference today. Such endeavors, Aziza said, ought to be boosted with analytics-on-steroids applications.

As a big data analytics startup, Alpine lets people collaboratively do statistical work on different kinds of data without writing code. Alpine even helps marketers like Aziza arrive at business goals, such as increasing web traffic.

For example, when Aziza joined Alpine from data analytics startup SiSense last year, about 100 people were interacting with Alpine’s application through its website. Now, that number is at 2,000, he said.

The data filters through a series of funnels of data tools: Google Analytics, Marketo,,, and Mixpanel. Ultimately, Aziza said, he can see what people do in Alpine.

“I know this starts to get Big Brother-ish,” he said. “We’re doing that for your benefit, in a way.”

Indeed, Airbnb, Anaplan, Mindjet, Pinterest, RelateIQ, and other software companies all watch people’s usage or harbor ambitions of doing so. Data monitoring is increasingly popular, and tools like Alpine can clearly come in handy for a wide range of companies, including Citigroup, GE, and Sony.

Alpine announced a $16 million round of venture funding in November. It has grown its revenue more than 200 percent in less than a year, and its web traffic is 15 times larger than it was at that time.

“I’m not buying Google AdWords or anything like that to drive that,” Aziza said.

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Alpine Data Labs is the leader in data science for Hadoop and big data. The company's products uniquely combine intuitive interfaces, native analytic processing in Hadoop, high performance in-database analytics, and the efficiencies of... read more »

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Bruno Aziza
Bruno Aziza

Thanks for the passionate answer Mark.  I think you might be right; there are many other ways this article could have been titled.  In fact, as looked at some of the tweets from the people attending the event that day, many came up with very clever ones - Mike from Ford called this "Using Data Science to sell Data Science", @datadoodle even quoted one of my lines: "turns out every runs on math".   Being french, I'd be remiss if I didn't say we could have called this "drinking our own champagne"!

The overall point of the session and article was to highlight the new thinking that's now required from marketers.  @AlpineDataLabs is in a unique position because we are a data company and we naturally think about data all the time.  However, it doesn't mean other companies can't do the same.  Regardless, I hope that you found the content of the article helpful - I'm also happy to discuss this in person (I noticed you are in London so I'll ping you next time I'm there!).

Analytically Yours,


Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson

'Using your own tools' is not 'dog fooding'. It's a stupid buzzword made up by people who a) don't understand English and b) have never eaten dog food! Just because you work in a dog food factory, the canteen isn't only stocked with dog food. If it was, nobody would work there. Anyone who says using their own products or services is 'dog fooding' is a moron of the highest power and should be forced to write out 1'000 times - 'Using my own products and/or services is not dog fooding - it's making and eating my own sandwich'. The end.